Technical Deep Dive Into Storage for High Performance Computing (Cloud Next '19)

Large-scale computing in the cloud is maturing, but HPC storage in the cloud is still in its infancy. Users want to do more with their HPC data in the cloud and not migrate their on-premises storage problems, but complexity and price/performance concerns have fettered cloud adoption. In this session, we will discuss how HPC storage in the cloud is maturing with solutions for EDA, fintech, manufacturing, media, genomics, and much more. Topics will include an overview of our HPC storage partners, how they make the best use of Google Compute Engine virtual machines and Google local SSDs and persistent disks and SSDs, as well as the role that Google Cloud Storage plays in the HPC workflow.

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Speaker(s): Wyatt Gorman, Dean Hildebrand, Sven Oehme, Minh Diep

Session ID: STO202

Duration: 42:23
Publisher: Google Cloud
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