Technical intro to Cortex Data Foundation for SAP with BigQuery

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Cortex Data Foundation for SAP provides templates, solution content, deployment accelerators, and reference architecture to solve business problems. In this video, Lucia Subatin takes a deep dive into the technical details of Cortex Data Foundation for SAP by providing the recipe, ingredients, and some pro tips to deploy the data foundation solution content. Put on your chef’s hat and apron and get ready to start deploying!

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Overview of Cortex Data Foundation for SAP
1:31 – Replication prerequisites for SAP data
1:51 – Processing change data capture
2:06 – How to process the data with CDC processing scripts and runtime views
3:23 – Data models with Cortex Data Foundation
3:50 – Navigating scripts and deployment configuration in GitHub
5:43 – Wrap up

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product: Cloud – General; fullname: Kevin Nelson, Lucia Subatin;

Duration: 00:06:19
Publisher: Google Cloud
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