Next to Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS), there’s another investment and IT services provider from the Netherlands buying Dutch web hosting providers. Techone is the name of this company. It had already acquired web hosting company Protagonist. Now it has bought the companies Mijnserver and Domeinwinkel. Financial terms of these acquisitions were not disclosed.

Techone is a specialist in the field of cloud and telecom for small and medium sized organizations (SMBs). It is supported by investment company Nedvest. Techone is looking for companies active in the cloud and telecom industry to participate in. Supported by Nedvest, Techone intends to invest in Dutch ICT companies and offer technical, organizational and financial support. Techone’s ambition for the coming years is to grow into a leading company in the Dutch IT infrastructure services market.

Mijnserver was founded in 2002 and offers domain names, web hosting and maintenance. The web hosting provider manages more than 25,000 domains, 8,000 websites and 500 servers. Mijnserver is now managed by the management of the earlier acquired web hosting company, Protagonist.

Domeinwinkel was founded in 2003. Since then, it has built up quite some experience in offering and maintaining domain names and web hosting. Domeinwinkel’s servers and network equipment are located in Databarn Rivium in Capelle aan de IJssel, the Netherlands. Domeinwinkel is now also managed by Protagonist.