Techstars Cloud 2016 Demo Day

Watch Techstars Cloud 2016 Demo Day LIVE on Thursday, February 11th @ 3pm CST

Rackspace Hosting is proud to sponsor the livestream of the Techstars Cloud 2016 Demo Day on February 11, 2016 at 3pm CST. Techstars Cloud is an accelerator program based in San Antonio, TX that focuses on companies developing cloud technologies, developer platforms, and other technical products.

Rackspace is a global sponsor of Techstars and actively supports startups and technology innovation worldwide. Entrepreneurs can leverage the full power of Rackspace through their startup program, so they can focus on building their dreams rather than their infrastructure.

For more information and to contact the 2016 Techstars Cloud companies:

A message from Rackspace CTO John Engates for the Techstars network and our live stream viewers:

Duration: 1:48:19
Publisher: Rackspace
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