TechWiseTV: A Deeper Look at Software-Defined Access

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Simplification through automation. That’s the idea behind Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA). But how did the engineers weave so many new technologies with existing solutions into elegant policy-based automation from edge to cloud?

As a follow-up to our Introduction to Software-Defined Access, this episode of TechWiseTV takes you deeper into the architecture, the technology, and the terminology that is about to simplify everything you dislike about networking.

Episode includes:
• Network fabric defined
• The three planes of SDA flexible network fabric
• How the control plane shrinks tables and CPU load
• How the data plane delivers simple, scalable segmentation
• Why the policy plane enforces network-wide policy based on identity, not IP address
• The user-friendly interfaces that help ease everything from provisioning and policy, to onboarding and troubleshooting

Duration: 28:49
Publisher: Cisco
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