TechWiseTV: Catalyst 9000 Series and Open IOS-XE: The New Era of Programmability

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Programmability and automation are redefining what success looks like for you and your network. How well do you know NETCONF, YANG, Python or REST? Knowing what they offer beyond the venerable command line interface can help you take control of operations costs as well as your career.

This episode of TechWiseTV examines the latest programmable features of Cisco Catalyst switches. Learn why programmability matters, the new tricks you can teach your network, and how to get started with scripting and programmable interfaces.

This episode covers:

• Why programming is key to automation
• What you can do with specific Cisco Catalyst switches
• How to eliminate repetitive tasks and human error when onboarding and configuring devices
• How to convert network data into actionable business outcomes
• Which tools, tips and scripts to try first

Duration: 32:41
Publisher: Cisco
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