TechWiseTV: Introducing Cisco Intersight for UCS & HyperFlex and the New ACI Anywhere

Live from the Data Center InnovationFest 2017

The digital world is getting more complex. Yet, IT operations are somehow expected to select the best environment for each new application and immediately provision necessary resources. All while optimizing existing applications and ensuring scalability, reliability, consistency, and security across an ever-growing complex of clouds and services we now call the network.

In this episode of TechWiseTV, originally live streamed at the Cisco Data Center InnovationFest on September 26, 2017, you’ll learn about new cloud-based management innovations for Cisco UCS & HyperFlex and the new ACI Anywhere powering Cisco’s new intent-based data center.

• Cisco Intersight: Cisco’s new, intelligent management cloud platform for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and HyperFlex.

• ACI Anywhere: Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) 3.0 innovations, which enable seamless workload mobility between on-premise data centers and private or public clouds without compromising automation, security, and control.

Together these innovations provide the pervasive simplicity, actionable intelligence, and agile service delivery you need to succeed in today’s increasingly complex digital landscape.

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Duration: 55:17
Publisher: Cisco
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