TechWiseTV: Introduction to Software-Defined Access

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Software-defined networking (SDN) was supposed to revolutionize networking. It solved many problems in the data center such as application mobility, multitenancy, and speed of new service delivery but challenges across the rest of the enterprise remain. Cisco aims to change that with Software-Defined Access (SDA).

SDA simplifies enterprise networking via point-and-click management and policy-based automation that follows users and devices from the edge to the cloud, no matter how they are connected.

This episode of TechWiseTV introduces you to Software-Defined Access. In it, you’ll learn:

• The state of enterprise networking today
• Why it’s time to move beyond virtual local area networks (VLANs) and access control list (ACL) based policy
• How SDA solves for user mobility, segmentation, policy consistency, visibility, and service elasticity
• The Cisco solutions already in your network that can support SDA

The video also includes a short demo on Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center, Cisco’s new GUI-based app for simplified network design, provisioning, policy, and assurance.

Duration: 31:22
Publisher: Cisco
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