TechWiseTV: New Servers, Better System. Reintroducing Cisco UCS

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The new Cisco UCS M5 C-Series Rack Servers and B-Series Blade Servers pack more cores, GPUs, and PCIe slots than ever. They are great servers made greater because they are part of a system; the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), purpose-built for convergence, virtualization, and automated deployment.

In this episode of TechWiseTV, industry veterans Arvie Martin and Jim Leach offer a detailed look at three new rack servers (Cisco UCS C220 M5, Cisco UCS C240 M5, and Cisco UCS C480 M5), and two new blade servers (Cisco UCS B200 M5 and Cisco UCS B480 M5). We also provide a refresher on servers vs systems, and discuss how Cisco UCS holds up in the era of continuous delivery and management of infrastructure as code.

In this episode:
• Servers vs systems
• Racks vs blades, and does it matter?
• M3 to M5: the customer-led changes that drive product development

Duration: 24:25
Publisher: Cisco
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