Tegile Unveils IntelliFlash HD Flash Platform for Enterprise Workload Hyper-Consolidation at VMworld

Tegile Systems, a provider of all-flash and hybrid storage arrays for database, virtual servers, and virtual desktop environments, will be unveiling its new IntelliFlash HD flash storage platform on August 30th, 2015 at VMworld US at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Targeted at Fortune 1000 enterprise customers that are pursuing aggressive consolidation of data centers, Tegile Systems‘ IntelliFlash HD is designed to deliver in a single flash platform, up to 5 million IOPS and 10PB of effective capacity in a single rack.

vmworld-2015With IntelliFlash HD, enterprise customers would be enabled to accelerate their business applications, eliminate storage silos, and achieve huge economic benefits of hyper-consolidation.

At the core of IntelliFlash HD is the Tegile IntelliFlash OS.  IntelliFlash OS would bring together several architectural innovations in flash management, data persistence and data management to enable IntelliFlash HD. Notable innovations would include:

  • Scalable Architecture: Multi-controller scale up and out for sustained low-latency and performance at high scale
  • High Capacity Density: 512TB in 3RU space with SanDisk [NASDAQ: SNDK] InfiniFlash dense flash enclosure, with max of 10PB effective capacity in a single 42U rack
  • Sustained Performance: High throughput and sub-millisecond latency with a maximum of 5M IOPS in a single rack
  • tegile-systemsOne Flash Platform: Supports High-performance flash, high-density flash, and hybrid-flash configurations in the same platform
  • Unified Storage: Native block (FC, iSCSI) AND file (NFS, CIFS/SMB3) access
  • Comprehensive Data Services: Snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, inline deduplication and compression
  • Affordable Disaster Recovery: Replicate between all-flash AND hybrid configurations
  • Simplified Management: Single UI management for all operations
  • VMware Support: Integrations with VMware SRM, VAAI, VASA and Virtual Volumes

Tegile’s IntelliFlash HD can be seen in operation at Booth No. 1037 of VMworld 2015, along with the rest of Tegile’s portfolio that includes:

  • IntelliFlash arrays – All-flash and hybrid-flash
  • IntelliCare – Comprehensive Customer Care with Cloud Analytics
  • IntelliStack – Converged Infrastructure Solutions
  • IntelliFlash OS – Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Data Reduction
  • VMware Support – Integration with VMware Virtual Volumes, Site Recovery Manager, VAAI, VASA and vCenter Plug-ins
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