TelecityGroup Buys Colocation Providers in Poland and Bulgaria, Launches Cloud-neutral Platform Cloud-IX

telecitygroup-colocation-europeTelecityGroup will acquire PLIX, a colocation business in Warsaw, Poland, which incorporates a large Polish internet exchange. TelecityGroup also announced its acquisition of Bulgarian data center provider 3DC. At the same time, the European colocation provider has launched Cloud-IX, a cloud-neutral platform providing an ecosystem with direct connectivity to a variety of cloud hosting providers.

“Poland is fast becoming an extremely important European and international internet hub,” said Sylwester Biernacki, founder and CEO of PLIX, who will become Managing Director of TelecityGroup Poland. “The agreement to combine our business with TelecityGroup will be a tremendous opportunity for PLIX and the region as a whole.”

The PLIX internet exchange, meanwhile, would experience strong growth with over 220 members and 300Gbits/s peak bandwidth throughput, making it the seventh largest such exchange in Europe and the eleventh largest globally.

Michel Tobin, CEO of TelecityGroup, said: “Poland is an important and growing European and international internet hub and as a result there is significant and increasing demand for highly connected premium data center capacity.”

Colocation Bulgaria

3DC’s gross data center center size in Sofia is 3.000 m2, with net colocation space of more than 1.200 m2

Located in Sofia, 3DC’s colocation facility provides a strategic location in the Balkans with access to markets in the EU, Turkey and the Caucasus, offering compelling growth opportunities in the region.

Bulgaria is said to be one of the fastest growing internet hubs in Europe with an annual growth of 139% in internet traffic since 2008. The country has two internet exchanges – the Bulgarian Internet Exchange and the Balkan Internet Exchange, both of which are hosted in 3DC. TelecityGroup’s expansion into this high-growth region underpins the company’s ongoing strategy to provide premium colocation services in Europe’s key internet hubs. Zdravko Nikolov, former CEO of 3DC, is named Managing Director of TelecityGroup Bulgaria.

TelecityGroup’s Cloud-IX

The launch today of a cloud-neutral platform by TelecityGroup will enable customers to leverage the potential of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. The Cloud-IX platform will be rolled out to colocation customers located in any of TelecityGroup’s facilities across Europe, providing direct connectivity with cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS); global VMware cloud provider iland; CSC; Fujitsu and Outsourcery.

Cloud-IX would enable businesses to make sophisticated choices around the deployment of their applications, without restrictions due to data sovereignty or vendor lock-in. By integrating hybrid platforms with the cloud providers of their choice, the platform will allow customers to seamlessly connect to, and between, cloud providers, physical systems and networks as part of TelecityGroup’s digital ecosystem.