Telecom And Cloud Advisory LanYap Networks Acquired By UPSTACK

UPSTACK has announced the acquisition of Phoenix-based LanYap Networks. The terms of the transaction between the two companies have not been disclosed. This acquisition by UPSTACK is part of their strategy to boost the growth of its platform that integrates the industry’s leading Advisor Partners with advanced technology, data, and support resources.

UPSTACK also announced a $50 million equity investment from Berkshire Partners which will allow the company to continue to grow its platform via technology expansion and partner acquisitions.

According to the deal, the co-founders of LanYap, Angie Toco and Laura Dashney, will be joining UPSTACK as partners and managing directors. Both of them will also be true equity stakeholders in a highly innovative company. Next to that, they will work as advisors to business customers that are sourcing data centers, network connectivity, cloud computing, colocation, and more via the UPSTACK platform.

Christopher Trapp, CEO of UPSTACK, said that they are super excited to welcome LanYap Networks to the UPSTACK family. He further said that Laura and Angie are quite famous in the industry for their high integrity and performance. He ended his statement by saying that both of them are a perfect fit as per the culture of UPSTACK and they are going to build a legacy together.

UPSTACK was launched in New York in the year 2017 and it intends to transform the way cloud and Internet infrastructure is sourced and sold. The organization uses advanced technology to allow an extensive team of cloud infrastructure advisors to provide customized solutions for businesses of all sizes. Business buyers streamline IT procurement by tapping into a single source for mission-critical technology services from hundreds of proven providers with professional guidance to identify and find out the best solutions.

Telecom and Cloud Consulting Firm

Talking about LanYap Networks, it was founded in 2011 when both the owners Tocco and Dashney became friends while working at Mitel. The name of the organization is based on a Cajun-French word langiappe which means a little something extra. Owners of the organizations were focused on offering integrity to their customers. Both of them handpicked subject matter experts to build a team of trusted and knowledgeable advisors.

In current times, LanYap is one of the most respected telecom and cloud consulting firms with various industry accolades. The company achieved platinum status, $1 million in monthly billings, with master agency Intelisys. In the same year, the owners founded a philanthropic organization, Telecom for Change that has raised around $1 million for charities serving children and women.

LanYap Networks maintained its “top-notch” performance over the next six years and the organization was courted by would-be buyers. They went through a few buyers and then finalized on UPSTACK mutually. Tocco said that the partnership with UPSTACK will allow them autonomy to focus on the parts of the business they find most attractive and fulfilling.