Teledata to Establish New Data Center in Manchester, UK

Teledata team

Hosting provider Teledata is extending its data center footprint, with a new Manchester, UK location set to open in 2022. Teledata has experienced tremendous expansion in recent years, and with data center space in Manchester in short supply, the company hopes that this new facility will help satisfy the needs of colocation and cloud hosting clients looking for a Manchester presence.

The new facility will be designed to business standards, with up to 25,000 square feet of data center capacity, 2(N+N) UPS redundancy, 100% uptime 24/7, ISO27001 certification, and NSI Gold Approved BS5979 security.

Teledata’s data center services include colocation, cloud solutions, dedicated server hosting, and disaster recovery services. This would make their data center services an ideal fit for an organization’s mission-critical data and web applications.

In keeping with Manchester’s carbon neutrality ambitions, Teledata is working to lower their carbon footprint. It has made significant investments in energy efficiency initiatives over the previous 2-3 years.

Hydrogen-Ready Fuel Cell

The data center services provider’s energy-saving 2MW battery storage system with voltage optimization allows them to store power from the national grid during periods of low demand and discharge it at the most advantageous times, functioning as a reserve during peak tariff periods.

Teledata also just revealed that they’re looking into installing a hydrogen-ready fuel cell to produce renewable electricity for their data center facilities.