Telefónica Adds Satellite Connectivity to Its Network with OneWeb

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To improve its connectivity services across Europe and Latin America, Telefónica has signed a contract with OneWeb. Telefónica’s existing services offerings in Europe and Latin America will be complemented by OneWeb’s satellite service, allowing Telefónica to access hitherto unreachable areas.

Telefónica will contribute its experience to market and provide OneWeb’s low-latency cellular backhaul services, which can be used to improve current backhaul and assist network upgrades to 4G/5G, as well as provide backhaul backup for essential locations and infill capacity for special events.

OneWeb’s satellite connectivity would enable Telefónica to increase its mobile coverage and offer corporate connections in areas where backhaul is presently unavailable.

“Our goal is to empower our customers’ businesses by connecting them to the world through innovative broadband solutions,” said Julio Beamonte, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Telefónica Global Solutions. “By partnering with OneWeb, we can augment our portfolio by offering solutions that require low latency. Our experience will be essential when adapting the OneWeb solution to provide corporate, B2B and cellular backhaul services and help fuel adoption of critical business applications in the hardest-to-connect areas. We are focused on helping our B2B and Wholesale customers to drive transformational change in their business, and we believe our partnership with OneWeb will help us do that.”

Enhanced Internet Performance and Availability

The combination of Telefónica and OneWeb would enable new applications and OTT services, as well as assist the worldwide development of mobile connectivity. SMEs can use the OneWeb/Telefónic LEO satellite solution to support and extend their enterprise networks, while large organizations in rural and remote parts of Europe and Latin America, such as governments, telcos, and ISPs, would benefit from the combination of Telefónica’s fiber network and OneWeb’s low-latency broadband service.

“This arrangement is fantastic news for communities across Europe and Latin America, who will benefit from better and enhanced network coverage,” said Neil Masterson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at OneWeb.OneWeb believes that our unique network has a crucial role to play in providing connectivity for the hardest-to-reach areas globally, so we look forward to working with Telefónica to deliver enhanced Internet performance and availability to customers.”

Telefónica provides a comprehensive ecosystem of satellite solutions for a variety of applications and industries, adapting to connectivity needs with the highest quality guarantees to bring communications to the most difficult environments (with connectivity deficits or rural areas) and to address specific and/or temporary situations such as events and emergencies.