Telehouse Announces Upgrade for New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) to Meet Increase in 100G Demand

Telehouse, a global provider of colocation data centers, part of KDDI Group, will upgrade current New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) Centillion platform to Centillion 2 – to meet strong market demands for 100G ports. The new platform is scheduled to go live in January 2018.

NYIIX was founded in 1996. It is one of the largest public peering exchange points on the U.S. East Coast with seven locations, including 85 Tenth Avenue, 7 Teleport Drive, 60 Hudson, 1118th Avenue and 32 Avenue of Americas. In New Jersey, NYIIX has two locations, 165 Halsey in Newark, and 2 Emerson Lane in Secaucus.

Telehouse New York Chelsea Data Center
Telehouse New York Chelsea Data Center

Currently the NYIIX Centillion platform is based on Brocade MLX-E routers that offer a limited number of 100G port capacity. To address this issue, the Centillion 2 platform will consist of Brocade SLX routers for both core routers and edge routers, which would increase the number of available 100G ports quite significantly. Additionally, the Centillion 2 platform is 400G ready.

“Current market demands have accelerated our need to upgrade the Centillion platform,” said Akio Sugeno, Vice President, Internet Engineering, Operations and Business Development, Telehouse America. “Strong demands for 100G ports are the result of our continuing ability to increase NYIIX members along with customer confidence in our service. Such an accomplishment proves that NYIIX is one of the most important IXPs in the United States.”

In line with the overall business growth, the peering traffic through NYIIX has been steadily rising. Reports would show that current traffic is peaking at over 495 Gigabits per second in September and will reach and exceed 500 Gigabits per second shortly.

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