Telia Carrier Expands Into Mexico, Deploys Its 1st PoP in the Mexico City Area

Telia CarrierGlobal fiber backbone provider Telia Carrier is expanding into Mexico and has announced the roll-out of its first data center Point-of-Presence (PoP) in the city of Queretaro, north of Mexico City – a major industrial growth hub and nexus for content provider data center deployments.

A provider of 100G IP and transport services, Telia Carrier will enable Internet Serice Providers and content providers in Mexico to connect to its global IP backbone, AS1299, one of the largest in the world, “at the highest speeds available in the region.” Telia Carrier provides wholesale IP Transit, Ethernet, IPX and Cloud Connect for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content and cloud providers alike.

While already serving many ISPs in the LATAM market using backhaul from strategic locations in the United States, Telia Carrier will now have a physical presence that means it can fully address the currently underserved tier 2 and 3 operators and Internet Serice Providers in the region. With a population of over 120 million people, Mexico would represent a significant market opportunity.

“We see a huge demand in Mexico for IP Transit, DDoS protection, and Cloud Connect services, and we already have many customers there, including mobile operators, local access providers and ISPs amongst others,” said Luis Velasquez, Mexico business manager, Telia Carrier. “ISPs and broadband carriers have had limited options to help them meet the needs of the Mexican market. The Mexican government is taking the initiative by opening the market and creating a competitive landscape, which will ultimately fuel the pace of digitalization in the country. With its formidable backbone, Telia Carrier now has the opportunity to directly serve mid-size ISPs looking for high-bandwidth solutions that will enable them to deliver better services and cloud connectivity to their customers.”

Global Backbone Services

Telia Carrier’s expansion in the region would also provide crucial backbone services for major U.S. based service, content and cloud providers that require low latency and high-speed connectivity in Mexico. It would also create an opportunity to address the local, in-market connectivity needs of regional content providers.

“Telia Carrier is dedicated to delivering a responsive, connected experience to address demand in the Mexican market,” said Ivo Pascucci, vice president, head of sales, Telia Carrier. “With a physical presence in the region, we’ll be able to attract Mexican operators and content providers currently unable to purchase services within the U.S. jurisdiction by giving them direct access to our global network. The expansion will ensure a reliable gateway for business growth to connect Mexico and regions around the globe.”

Telia Carrier’s global fiber backbone has grown organically, without acquisitions, and was one of the first to be 100G-enabled in both Europe and North America. Telia Carrier enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 230 data center Points-of-Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, including more than 80 data center PoPs in North America alone.