Telstra Expands Network Backbone in the U.S. with Equinix

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Telstra is nearly tripling its footprint at a key data center in Ashburn, Virginia, in order to significantly expand its network infrastructure in the United States. The update is part of the company’s continued efforts to service clients across the United States by investing in network infrastructure and introducing additional ports of presence (PoP).

Photo Nicholas Collins, president, Telstra, Americas
“Demand for international connections beyond the tri-state New York area and along the entire Northeast Corridor is growing,” said Nicholas Collins, president, Telstra, Americas.

In the case of natural catastrophes or network attacks, the Ashburn expansion will offer more layers of network resiliency to guarantee Telstra customers have reliable connectivity.

Telstra is based in the Ashburn data center facility (DC21), which is run by Equinix, a long-time partner. Low-latency connection to and from Europe and the Asia-Pacific area is the facility’s primary goal. When completed in early 2022, Ashburn will be Telstra’s third core node on the U.S. East Coast.

“When it comes to network expansion, our goal is to meet people where they are,” said Nicholas Collins, president, Telstra, Americas. “Demand for international connections beyond the tri-state New York area and along the entire Northeast Corridor is growing. This Ashburn upgrade and the network capabilities it supports will greatly benefit the region’s expanding business and technology communities, as well as satisfy growing consumer demand for network connectivity.”

Adding over 70Tbps of Capacity

The Ashburn region is home to a diverse range of online commerce and cloud-focused companies. This would make the particular data center location an ideal fit for Telstra’s established and developing technologies, such as SD-WAN, Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Global IP, and IPVPN network options, which are supported from the growing facility.

Telstra’s worldwide growth plan is also aided by the Ashburn upgrade. To accommodate clients’ expansion goals, Telstra expects to add more than 70Tbps of capacity to its worldwide network by June 2022. This investment, which is part of Telstra’s continuous network development, will boost important routes connecting North America, Europe, and Asia, with more than half of the new capacity going to the Asia-Pacific region, where demand from American and Canadian enterprises would remain high.

With easy access to cable infrastructure on both coasts, the Ashburn node will be completely integrated with Telstra’s current PoPs in New York, New Jersey, and California. Telstra’s connection with Equinix is further strengthened as a result of the new installation. The two firms recently worked on improvements to the Telstra Octagon capital markets network system, and the Equinix Ashburn complex’s DC21 facility is fully integrated through cross-connection.