Telstra to Launch a Cloud Hosting Environment for Federal, State and Local Government

Telstra, a large telecommunications and cloud hosting provider headquartered in Australia, has announced its plans to create a cloud environment built specifically for federal, state and local government. Telstra’s Government Cloud is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2015.

The company’s Government Cloud would provide government organizations the ability to access highly secure and compliant cloud hosting services and help achieve their cloud first policy objectives across both unclassified and protected level data.

telstra-global“Telstra has a long and successful history working with governments and we’re committed to ensuring our relationship continues to grow as technology requirements change and evolve,” said Erez Yarkoni, Executive Director Cloud, Telstra Global Enterprise and Services. “As governments move into a new era of service delivery transformation to meet the current and future digital expectations of its citizens, the ability to use protected cloud hosting services is as critical to their future plans as it is to the private sector – digital disruption is impacting everyone.”

Data hosted in Australia

Telstra has a dedicated security approved team operating its secure service desk operations to government, and operates a Government Accredited Secure Facility to provide proactive network security for customers’ cloud networks, data, applications and devices.

“Importantly, Telstra’s Government Cloud will provide confidence that the data is safe and hosted in Australia,” added Yarkoni. “It will also help enable the public sector to achieve greater efficiency and generate more value from its ICT investments. In line with our own cloud strategy to offer increased flexibility and choice, this new, highly secure cloud platform will help enable governments to be leaders in the use of cloud hosting services and provide opportunities for continued innovation and collaboration.”