Telstra Wholesale Now Offers 400Gbps Services on Intercapital Routes


Australian telecommunications provider, Telstra Wholesale, has introduced 400Gbps wavelength services on intercapital routes. This follows a successful demonstration with Aussie Broadband earlier in the year and is intended to meet the growing bandwidth needs of customers requiring robust and high-capacity fiber connectivity.

Telstra Wholesale now offers 400Gbps wavelength services on routes connecting key Australian cities, including Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane. Each route is equipped with three geographically distinct paths, thereby enhancing network redundancy and resilience. In the fiscal year 2024, Telstra intends to extend the availability of 400Gbps services to routes between Adelaide and Perth, as well as Melbourne and Hobart.

According to Steve Long, Executive of Telstra Wholesale, the introduction of the 400Gbps wavelength service is in line with the company’s strategy to provide a variety of connectivity options to satisfy the diverse needs of its consumers. Mr. Long outlines the increasing data traffic on fixed networks and the importance of high-capacity services in satisfying end-user demand while optimizing network efficiency. In addition to other connectivity solutions, he notes that Telstra Wholesale’s 400Gbps service provides a comprehensive arsenal to meet a variety of customer requirements.

WaveLogic 5 Extreme Technology

Using Ciena’s “cutting-edge technology,” Telstra Wholesale is able to provide 400Gbps wavelength services as a result of improvements to its high-bandwidth optical infrastructure. Together with its technology partner Ericsson, the company utilizes Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, which is propelled by WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) programmable 800Gbps coherent technology

By quadrupling the data capacity transmitted per client service, WL5e plays a critical role in facilitating 400Gbps connectivity services. It would also improve the efficacy of Telstra’s optical network and optimize the infrastructure’s power consumption. Notably, the 400GE interfaces utilized in this solution have the same physical footprint as a 100GE interface, providing Telstra Wholesale clients with a physical-limitation-free upgrade path.

The introduction of 400Gbps wavelength services on intercapital routes would demonstrate Telstra Wholesale’s commitment to meeting the evolving connectivity requirements of enterprises. Telstra Wholesale claims it is always seeking to provide high-capacity services that enable its clients to provide reliable and efficient network solutions for their end clients as data demands continue to rise.