Tenacity Raises $3M to Make Public Cloud Security Accessible to Every Company

Tenacity, a company whose SaaS platform empowers businesses to thrive in a secure public cloud, has raised $3 million in funding. The funding round was led by Hyde Park Angels, with participation from Sandalphon Capital, Base Investments UK, and others. This funding would enable Tenacity to drive its go-to-market strategy further and enhance product roadmap development.

This news would signal the next phase of Tenacity’s journey, following an impressive 30% month-over-month growth rate since January 2021 and the integration of Microsoft Azure into their platform.

Cloud security, compliance and pricing may be a headache, especially for small businesses. Although there are methods that exist to help business owners manage those areas, they typically come with inefficiencies, greater expenses, or other inadequacies, and when an audit or attack occurs, these businesses are often left scrambling, according to Tenacity.

Tenacity was created to help businesses seamlessly manage those key areas. Designed to be a ‘self-serve’ solution, the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide actionable data related to security posture, spending insights, and compliance misconfigurations, eliminating

Addressing Cloud Security

“Tenacity has reimagined access to the cloud security landscape for every business,” said Alex Brown, board member at Tenacity and former CEO of cloud services firm 10th Magnitude. “Ease of use, as well as a foundation of solid cloud optimization and security expertise, is critical. Everyone who runs a company in the cloud knows that cost, security, and compliance are problems that have to be solved every day. Looking around, other solutions out there are solving one of these problems at most and usually by just treating the symptoms. Tenacity is a total solution for the root cause.”

Since the company’s founding, Tenacity has provided comprehensive solutions to a wide range of mid-market enterprises.

“We’re thrilled to have achieved this milestone, as it gives us the resources we need to continue scaling our business to help other businesses succeed,” said Jason Yaeger, CEO and co-founder of Tenacity. “As we continue to scale, we keep that mission central to our work, ensuring that we’re delivering new functionality that meets the needs of our growing client base.”