Tencent Opens Mega Data Center Inside Mountain in Guizhou

A data center belonging to Chinese Internet giant and cloud provider Tencent began operation yesterday in China’s Guizhou province. The core Qixing data center facilities have been deployed inside tunneled caves drilled inside a hill of about 100 meters high. 

The new mega data center will include more than 30,000 square meters of tunneled caves, while the total data center area covers about 513,000 square meters. The Qixing data center design would take advantage of the area’s chilly weather and create a natural cooling system for the servers inside this facility. Advanced building technologies were used to shorten the construction time, according to Tencent’s management.

The huge tunneled caves drilled inside the hill would be able to house tens of thousands of servers for Tencent’s (cloud) data. Tencent joins several other tech giants deploying data centers in this southwest China area, including Alibaba, Foxconn and Apple.