Terraform, serverless, and Cloud Run in practice

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In the last episode, we went over some best practices when deploying code to a Google Cloud project with Terraform – an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool. In this episode, we demonstrate how to use Terraform to provision and deploy application code in a serverless environment. Watch to learn the best practices with Terraform when it comes to serverless!

0:00​ – Intro
1:12 – Cloning the code and running Terraform
3:05 – Reviewing the deployed application
6:45 – Deleting and recreating pictures used by the app
9:02 – Setting the project ID variable
10:29 – Destroying and recreating the app
12:50 – Reviewing the Terraform manifests
14:20 – Auto-approve “terraform apply”

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Product: Terraform; fullname: Martin Omander, Katie McLaughlin;

Duration: 00:15:44
Publisher: Google Cloud
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