The best multi-cloud solution for managed service providers

Which is the best multi-cloud solution for your service portfolio?
Managed Service Providers should respond to their clients’ multi-cloud demands by offering multi-cloud options. But first, they need to understand how different cloud and hyper-scale alternatives stack up.

Unlike hyper-scale cloud providers that offer virtualized server instances, phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud provides the clients an easy deployment of physical servers matched with the flexibility of the Public Cloud.

This innovative cloud platform integrates with popular Infrastructure as Code tools and supports automated Kubernetes deployments. It is especially attractive for clients that rely on a high level of IT automation, frequent releases, agile development, and CI/CD pipelines.

As an important advantage over hyper-scale Public Cloud offerings, BMC’s single-tenant environment is free of risk and the adverse side effects of resource sharing.

The best multi-cloud solution also needs to be cost-effective. Therefore, Bare Metal Cloud instances are available at up to 80% lower price than comparable Public Cloud instances.

By expanding the multi-cloud offering with BMC, Managed Service Providers can even generate additional revenue due to aggressive phoenixNAP’s Channel Partner referral commissions.

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