The Cloud Pillars: Five Foundational Building Blocks for Apps in the Cloud

How do you build an application to take full advantage of the #cloud ? Join us on Thursday 2014-11-13 as our Office Hours Hangout hosts +Alan Bush and +Drew Cox discuss the *Cloud Pillars: Five Foundational Building Blocks for Apps in the Cloud.*

Here’s a pillar preview:

1. *Distributed and Parallel Computing:* implementing message queue systems to allocate computational tasks
2. *Modular Design and Service-Oriented Architecture:* splitting monolithic applications into smaller parts and consuming third-party services
3. *Horizontal Scaling with Stateless Applications:* using tokens to authenticate users across a distributed architecture
4. *Becoming Agile During Different Demand Curves:* using monitoring and cloud APIs to dynamically modify your environment as traffic changes
5. *Security in the Cloud:* keeping your application secure against threats in the cloud

Bring your questions for this live, interactive hangout. See you there!

Office Hours Hangout 11-13-2014
The 5 Pillars of Cloud


The Pillars (2:38)
Distributed and Parallel Computing (3:30)
Modular Design and Service Oriented Architecture (13:08)
Q&A – Rules for Modularity (19:11)
Horizontal Scaling with Stateless Applications (28:40)
Becoming Agile During Different Demand Curves (35:42)
Security in the Cloud (46:36)
Q&A – 3rd Party Security (52:47)
Final Thoughts (56:56)


Explore the Five Pillars of Cloudiness by Alan Bush

Duration: 58:51
Publisher: Rackspace
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