The Cloudists: Top 10.5 things you can do with the Azure Portal

Top 10.5 things you can do with the Azure Portal: Episode 2

The Azure Portal is the main graphical way to interact with Azure. The portal has changed immensely since Azure V1 and changes on what seems to be a moment by moment basis. In this week’s episode, Kent and Jeff will discuss and show what we think to be the main points of interest in the Azure Portal. As a bonus: we will show the powershell used to accomplish several of these actions. As an added bonus – we might drag one of the Rackspace Azure Architects to come share a few of these nuggets.

· Channel 9: SQL Server in an Azure VM:
· Gamasutra – Building a scalable online game with Azure – Part 1:
· Microsoft Azure IP Advantage:

Duration: 36:36
Publisher: Rackspace
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