The Culture of Innovation at Amazon: Driving Customer Success

AWS Public Sector Summit 2018 – Washington, D.C.

Customers often ask us how they can innovate like Amazon. From its humble beginnings as a startup in a garage, Amazon has not only innovated across e-commerce, but also introduced new businesses that seem unrelated to e-commerce. Over the years Amazon has gotten very good at taking hard problems and finding an easier way. AWS is a great example of that. We have taken something so central and specialized as operating a data center and pushed to the edges as a utility. When technology becomes a utility, it becomes ubiquitous, and more people can participate in innovation. This talk will discuss how Amazon organizes for innovation with its mechanisms, architecture, culture, and organization. Our customer, Cal Polytechnic University, will be sharing how this approach has helped them innovate with their students on behalf of public sector organizations with their Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub.

Speakers: Ben Butler, Paul Jurasin

Duration: 00:51:13
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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