The Future of OpenStack: Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes [webinar]

Mirantis Cloud Platform has solved some — but not all — of the challenges of maintaining, lifecycle-managing, and updating conventional OpenStack clusters. Customers tell us, however, that the experience of working with OpenStack, while better than with old-school manual and scripted deployments, is still challenging and sometimes labor-intensive.

To that end, Mirantis has now introduced Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, which hosts containerized OpenStack, using Kubernetes as a substrate. Traditionally fragile OpenStack components are now containerized services, managed and kept alive by Kubernetes native orchestration — with the cluster state continually re-converged to optimum by Kubernetes operators.

Plus, it’s easy to upgrade — even non-disruptively to running VMs. Existing Mirantis Cloud Platform customers can see exactly how the process of moving to Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes works. Check out our upcoming and on demand webinars here:

Duration: 00:58:02
Publisher: Mirantis
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