The Hidden Costs of Cloud

Join us as we interview GCP customer, Server Density, which offers is a SaaS infrastructure monitoring product which allows ops teams to monitor key metrics, build dashboards and configure alerts. In early 2017 they started with a zero downtime migration of a time series database performing over 150,000 writes/sec to Google Bigtable and had the entire application stack fully migrated by Nov. They will be sharing some lessons learned, things they wish they knew before their migration, how they came to understand a new cloud cost model, and the importance of architecting for costs as well as high availability, scalability, and performance. They will also be available to answer live questions!

David Mytton co-founded Server Density back in 2009 and leads the company as its CEO. He built the original version of the product which included the first version of the time series database on top of MongoDB, which has now been fully migrated to Google Bigtable and OpenTSDB.

David’s blog post can be found here:

You can find David on Twitter: @davidmytton

Duration: 32:11
Publisher: Google Cloud
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