The Hottest Topics in the World of Web Design with Oliver Lindberg

The most discussed topics in the world of Web design are content strategy, user experience, responsive design, and accessibility. To talk in person about these hot topics, people from various areas of Web expertise come together at the Generate Conference. These conversations often surround the current and emerging online trends. After much success in London, the inaugural Generate Conference in the US was held in New York City on June 20. We had the opportunity to attend the event and speak to Oliver Lindberg, editor of net magazine, about where Web design is headed on a global scale.

Key takeaways:
– This year’s hottest topic is responsive Web design.
– Content strategy, with a concentration on the explosion of devices that are being used to access websites, was addressed in almost every presentation at Generate NY.
– The Internet of Things is a big deal. Everyone is talking about how Internet connectivity to traditionally offline devices (especially those that do not have a screen, like a refrigerator) will change the world.
– Emerging trends are essentially the same in all countries – Web design is quite a global industry.

Attendees of Generate conferences go home inspired and have learned a few things they can apply to their own endeavours. The next Generate Conference is in London on September 26.

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