The impact of IoT on Siemens Gamesa | What I Wish I Knew

Finn Mainstone, Senior Product Manager of Siemens Gamesa, shares what challenges they were hoping to solve through the implementation of IoT solutions. Learn how using Azure IoT products and partnering with Microsoft along the adoption journey helped them improve the speed, quality, and efficiency in which their products were produced and released.

By leveraging IoT, they were able to simplify technical complexity and reduce the quality defects in the manufacturing process, which led to a reduced repair time later on. Yet Siemens Gamesa wishes there were a few things they had known in advance. Watch to find out what those wishes are.

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Siemens Gamesa intro
1:08 – When did you realize you needed to approach your business differently?
2:04 – What were the problems you were looking to solve with IoT?
4:04 – What have been your biggest hurdles and what surprised you?
4:36 – What are you able to do now and what will you do next?
5:58 – What would you have done differently based on what you’ve learned?
8:10 – What did you encounter when moving from POC to use?

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Duration: 00:09:34
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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