The latest from OnMetal

What’s new with our OnMetal servers? Watch our live broadcast to find out.

Episode 137 : The latest from OnMetal

Recorded Live: 3-10-2016

Alan Bush: @AlanBush – Rackspace Community Manager
Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA – Rackspace Enterprise Technical Advisor
Thomas Duesing: @TFDuesing – Product Manager, OnMetal

OnMetal overview (2:34)
Additional features (4:37)
Customer use cases (7:32)
Networking (13:37)
OnMetal v.2.0 (14:45)
Security (18:51)
OnMetal in more datacenters (22:20)
Other features on the horizon for OnMetal (26:03)
“Bear” Metal (30:21)
Pricing (31:10)
Testing out OnMetal (33:02)
Containers on OnMetal (38:01)
Is there a limit to the number of Block Storage volumes? (41:39)

OnMetal v2 Now Available

Duration: 48:56
Publisher: Rackspace
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