The Liquid Web Hero Cannon

To celebrate the Liquid Web 15 Year Anniversary, we created a website ( with an interactive timeline illustrating the history of Liquid Web. We also ran a promotion where people could find hidden Easter Eggs within the website to win prizes. All of the individuals that found Easter Eggs would win prize packs, then be entered into a drawing to win our Grand Prize.

At Liquid Web, it always annoyed us that when you entered a contest, it was very rarely exposed who won, or how the winner was selected. To create an extra layer of transparency (and have some fun at the same time), we like to find creative ways to show you how we select our winners.

For this contest we decided to create the Liquid Web Hero Cannon! A completely custom made Air Cannon designed and engineered by the Liquid Web Maintenance Team. To select the winner, we loaded up the cannon with 16 individually marked Heroes and then fired them towards an “X” in the middle of our parking lot. The Hero that landed closest to the middle won our Grand Prize. Watch the video until the end to reveal the Grand Prize Winner.

Since we had the Hero Cannon all set up – we figured we might as well put it to the test. We launched a softball more than 200 yards, we put a kiwi through a piece of plywood, destroyed full pop cans and our personal favorite – we put a tomato through a watermelon! We hope you enjoy the video.

– The Liquid Web Team

Duration: 2:9
Publisher: Liquid Web
You can watch this video also at the source.

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