The MongoDB 5.1 ‘Rapid Release’ is Now Available

MongoDB version 5.1 is the company’s first ‘Rapid Release,’ arriving just a few months after the general availability of 5.0. It would bring further native time series upgrades, better analytics, more security choices, and overall platform resilience and developer efficiency. New features in Atlas Search are launching alongside MongoDB 5.1, making it easier for users to create quick and rich application search experiences.

MongoDB 5.1 and any subsequent rapid releases are available as development releases from MongoDBs Download Center and will be fully supported on MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB 5.0 was developed to make it “quicker, simpler, and less expensive” to service the industry’s fastest-growing, data-intensive use cases, such as IoT systems and real-time financial analytics, with improved time series collections, clustered indexes, and window functions. Users may now worldwide deploy their time series apps and ease their development with MongoDB 5.1.

To get a complete overview of the enhancements and new features that the latest version of the MongoDB database platform is bringing to the market, check the latest MongoDB blog article about MongoDB 5.1 here.

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