The Next Generation of Hybrid Cloud from Cisco and Google Cloud (Cloud Next '19)

In today’s multicloud world, nothing should be off-limits. On-premises data centers and public clouds, existing applications and net new development, need to work in sync for businesses to securely and consistently leverage the best tools available, without compromise; to accelerate innovation and deliver the best user experience possible! Join us for this session and learn how the Cisco and Google partnership is evolving to help customers with their unique requirements; with an open approach to Kubernetes and Service Mesh (Istio), the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Google Cloud’s Anthos, offer flexibility and choice for a complete, production-grade approach to application lifecycle management.

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Speaker(s): Vijay Venugopal

Session ID: HYB224
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications);

Duration: 46:39
Publisher: Google Cloud
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