The power of purpose and technology builds bridges to possibility

Technology has the power to lift people up, transform businesses, cities and communities, creates new markets, democratize education, and even save lives.

But it takes more than technology alone to make big impact in the world. It takes purpose, perseverance, and most importantly people. People who have the passion to use the power of technology to build bridges, from what is possible, to what can be.

It began more than 30 years ago, when two computers connected for the first time, and the network was born. Cisco’s network would become the backbone for great change in the world – in connecting businesses, financial exchanges, governments; the rise of ecommerce, the growth of global industries, and connecting of people once separated by oceans, time zones, and languages.

Three decades later, with more than 74,000 employees, so much has changed in technology, in business, and society. And yet, Cisco’s purpose never wavered.

It’s no coincidence that our logo is a bridge. We’ve been in the business of building bridges since the beginning.

Our people have always been at the center of what makes this company tick, and the innovation that Cisco has pioneered in the market, whether that be…
…restoring vital communications to areas effected by natural disasters;
…enabling the secure network that powers stock markets and global financial exchanges;
…bringing cities into the digital age, and transforming the way governments deliver services to citizens;
… or retraining the workforce with the digital skills for the jobs of the future;

This campaign is the manifestation of what is possible when imaginative people, and innovative technology coalesce around a common purpose. For Cisco, it brings to life the essence of who we are.

Join us in making an impact:

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