The Road to Intelligent Transportation (Cloud Next '19)

Mobility is a way of life for active and thriving communities. Residents place their trust in the government to manage roadways and traffic, reduce congestion, and keep them out of harm’s way when traveling to their destination. Yet with cities growing in population, mobility suffers and traffic is worse than ever before. Transportation leaders need a way to unlock the power of their ever-increasing data to make our roadways more efficient and safer for everyone.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is on a mission to prepare for the roadways of the future by transforming their view of roadways from carriers of vehicles to producers of valuable digital information which can be leveraged for intelligence and predictive analytics to optimize how they operate and maintain more than 23,000 lane miles of roadway smarter today. As part of our project, we consolidated disparate data sources from across CDOT’s data ecosystem, migrating from batch to streaming ingest. Unlocking new insights around road sensor failures and data anomalies, enriched by crash data from third party data sources, to get maintenance crews to broken devices faster.

Join Google and CDOT to see how Colorado is taking advantage of Google Cloud to innovate, accelerate, modernize, and leverage data to optimize traffic and help save lives and modernize Colorado highways.

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Speaker(s): Christopher Haas, Zef Delgadillo, Andrew Schwartz

Session ID: DA104
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Duration: 35:3
Publisher: Google Cloud
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