The Single Drip, the Flow of Innovation: Water Management with Netafim | Amazon Web Services

A special episode of our AgTech-focused industry series All in the Field addressing the growing need for sustainable irrigation solutions. Worldwide Tech Lead for Agriculture Karen Hildebrand and Sr. SA John Marciniak speak with John Farner, CSO for Netafim, about the impact that Netafim has for producers around the world with their 360 degree zero waste solutions and revolutionary processes in drip irrigation.

We also dive deep in to the architecture behind the Netbeat solution — “the world’s first irrigation system with a brain”— that places sensors in fields to collect data about crops and sends the information to cloud-connected units that control fertilizer and watering systems. Learn about technical innovations that responsibly address the 70% of all freshwater being used for Agriculture.

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Duration: 00:20:55
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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