The solution to shared file storage with Netapp

How do you choose the right shared file storage and avoid bottlenecks? The solution is Cloud Volume Services! In this episode of Architecting with Google Cloud, Gabe Weiss interviews Oliver Krause, Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp, about a shared file storage solution built by NetApp for Windows users on Google Cloud. Watch to learn how you can easily scale capacity and performance up and down, paying for only what you need!

0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Types of Storage
2:53 – Windows Migration Challenges
3:56 – Shared File System History
5:15 – What is CVS?
5:45 – How CVS Helps Migration
6:42 – What are Snapshots?
11:00 – CVS use cases
13:33 – Conclusion

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Duration: 00:14:20
Publisher: Google Cloud
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