The value of Kubernetes as a substrate for complex software

Kubernetes is a powerful framework for keeping applications alive and lifecycle-managing them smoothly. At Mirantis, we’ve spent the past several years pushing this idea towards its limits, by turning Kubernetes into a home for OpenStack — an extremely complex (and historically, reputedly fragile) open source IaaS framework. The result is Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes: a highly-available, k8s-operator-monitored, rapidly-scalable, non-disruptively updateable OpenStack that runs great, and confers new resilience benefits on its own VM workloads.

In this webinar, Artem Andreev, Product Manager for Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, and Shaun O’Meara, Global Field CTO, will share learnings and techniques gleaned from building MOS to help developers take the short, straight-line path to using Kubernetes as a substrate to reduce costs, risks, and uncertainty around “big software.”

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Duration: 00:43:24
Publisher: Mirantis
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