They Said It Couldn’t Be Done – Starling Bank

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Join Anne Boden, CEO and founder along with Steve Newson, Director of Technology at Starling Bank, to hear more about how Starling became the UK’s first mobile-only current account.

The world had changed and so has the way people interact with technology – but banking has failed to keep up. To meet new customer demands Starling Bank developed its core banking platform from scratch with one aim – leading the way in delivering regulated financial services in the cloud.

Starling Bank needed to run a number of virtual private clouds in different regions to deliver highly secure and resilient services to its customers 24/7. AWS is the perfect partner for this.

Starling Bank’s software, combined with AWS platform and tooling, means that infrastructure, dynamic scaling and core systems upgrades can all happen smoothly and without impacting customers. As Starling Bank scales in volume, AWS will continue to be part of their growth plan.

Duration: 45:30
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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