This Month at ResellerClub: Customizing your Storefront- The SuperSite

This month at ResellerClub, we covered:

0:00 The Agenda
0:54 What is the SuperSite
1:45 How to brand your SuperSite
2:38 URL branding/DNS Management
5:15 Adding a SSL Certificate
8:46 The SuperSite Admin Area
10:05 Adding new languages
11:47 Changing the home page layout
13:33 Understanding Themes
14:54 Changing the logo
16:27 Editing basic settings
17:58 Editing specific pages, code
28:03 Customizing the theme
31:15 Additional settings eg- Changing layouts, adding/removing product plans to sell
33:13 Adding and customizing payment gateways
37:18 How to use the Coupon Engine
43:22 Optimizing for search engines
46:13 Other questions

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Duration: 00:51:56
Publisher: ResellerClub
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