This Month at ResellerClub The New Google Workspace

This month at ResellerClub, we covered the most frequently asked questions about the new Google Workspace and email services at ResellerClub. Our presenter covered:
-Google Workspace Explained
-The Change from G Suite
-Benefits for Customers
-Why purchase from ResellerClub
-Purchasing from the SuperSite
-Transferring an Account
-Managing Prices
-Creating an Admin Account
-Activating Your Account
-Upgrading a Plan
-Email Services at ResellerClub
-Other FAQs

‘This Month at ResellerClub’- a webinar series where you can:
-Learn more about web infrastructure & web presence topics
-Receive updates on ResellerClub product & platform news
-Ask ResellerClub your topic-related questions

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Duration: 00:40:06
Publisher: ResellerClub
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