Three alternatives for running your web app serverlessly

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Many developers prefer serverless because it brings them automatic scaling and forces them to do less operations work. In this episode of Serverless Expeditions, we walk you through App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run, showing you why each of these tools are viable options for computing and hosting a serverless application. Watch to learn what serverless solution best fits your applications needs!

0:00 – Overview
0:42 – Introducing the Hot Maze web application
1:51 – Why Serverless?
2:27 – Deploying a web app to App Engine
3:53 – Deploying a web app to Firebase Hosting + Cloud Functions
4:52 – Deploying a web app to Cloud Run

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Product: Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, App Engine; fullname: Martin Omander, Valentin Deleplace;

Duration: 00:06:35
Publisher: Google Cloud
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