TiDB Cloud Public Preview Announced by PingCAP


PingCAP has recently made an announcement regarding the Public Preview launch of their fully managed Database as a Service, TiDB Cloud. Talking about TiDB, it is a MySQL compatible, scalable, open source distributed SQL that can manage both OLAP and OTLP workloads. Customers can now use TiDB and Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to build modern, mission-critical applications with TiDB Cloud without any complexity.

As the data to be stored, processed, and managed by organizations is increasing at a high pace, single machine databases are quickly running into physical limits for storage and processing power. With the increasing number of MySQL databases to manage, traditional sharding mechanisms would be unmanageable and difficult to maintain with a growing business.

TiDB serves as a solution to these types of problems with transparency for the user via its distributed architecture while maintaining MySQL compatibility. TiDB Cloud would take a step forward by making the management, deployment, and maintenance less complex, via a web-based management interface in the cloud. After running the private beta test for around 6 months, TiDB Cloud is all set to enter the public preview round.

Benefits of TiDB Cloud would include:

Meeting the stringent compliance requirements – As per the announcement by PingCAP, TIDB cloud has been certified with SOC 2 Type 2 examinations and it has successfully met the most stringent security and compliance-based requirements. PingCAP is devoted to making TiDB one of the most trusted database platforms for Cloud deployment with this examination. It would allow enterprises to deploy and manage their data without any compromise in the security and compliance requirements.

Lower database TCO – Highly complex tasks including cluster deployment and infrastructure management can be “easily” managed by DBAs or developers without any formal training with the TiDB Cloud. Organizations can also save a lot by scaling the TiDB clusters with a click of a button, enabling them to provision resources for only what they need and when they need them.

24/7 Customer Support

TiDB experts will be available on call all the time. These experts aim to provide “top-notch” practices for the management of TiDB Clusters to recover from any sort of faults “quickly” and maintain “reliability and security” simultaneously. The Notification Alerts feature will quickly notify customers when anything happens to the TiDB Clusters so that they can be aware of the situation.

Simplified Database Management

TiDB Cloud is now working on an “intuitive” web-based User Interface (UI) that would make data management simpler. A new dashboard offers developers insights into the status and operations of their TiDB Clusters. The new monitoring API provides them access to key metrics of the cluster for additional control and visibility.

VP’s Take

Vice President at PingCAP, Li Shen, said that the company is working on a mission to develop data-intensive applications easily at any level. He further said that developers get a powerful database via TiDB Cloud that minimizes the operational issues of monitoring and managing their TiDB Clusters. The process of scaling, deployment, and recovering from outages will be simplified for the DevOps personnel. They will also get a cloud-native, distributed architecture that decreases the requirement of complex failover schemes and manual sharding. Developers and DevOps will be able to focus more on the working of applications in a better way for the customers.

Mr. Shen concluded his statement by saying that CTOs will get the leverage to see their data issues that have been resolved along with considerable improvements in engineering productivity and lower costs.

About PingCAP

PingCAP, an enterprise-grade software service provider, was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing an open-source, cloud-native, one-stop database solution that allows growth-oriented clients to focus on their businesses rather on housekeeping. TiDB, PingCAP’s flagship project, is a distributed open-source Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) database with MySQL compatibility that offers horizontal scalability, robust consistency, and high availability.