TierPoint Launches New Baltimore-Based Cloud Hosting Services

TierPoint, a provider of cloud hosting and colocation services, has announced the deployment of their new Cloud v2.0 Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering in Baltimore. The Baltimore-based cloud is now available in the Mid-Atlantic region and across the United States, adding to TierPoint’s current cloud deployments already active in Dallas, Oklahoma and the Pacific Northwest data centers. 

For Cloud v2.0, TierPoint has teamed up with leading enterprise cloud infrastructure providers including VMware, Cisco, NetApp and Fortinet. The new cloud solution will be available in private, public and hybrid configurations that combine colocation with cloud computing.

cloud-hosting-dallas-tierpointTierPoint’s cloud hosting portfolio also includes Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), which can enable organizations to meet their critical uptime needs without the need to invest in hardware and resources.

“The TierPoint cloud hosting platform is a highly customizable solution that provides organizations the computing resources they need, in the way they need them, basically your cloud, your way,” said Jim Weller, TierPoint’s Vice President-Mid-Atlantic Region. “We partner with our customers from planning to deployment, to help tailor a cloud solution that is right for them. Customers have the advantage of the TierPoint experienced engineering team who will not only assess and address any concerns in migrating to the cloud, but create a customized solution and continue to work with the customer during and after deployment to ensure success.”

VMware vCloud

TierPoint’s Cloud v2.0 is a VMware-based vCloud solution that will run on Cisco’s UCS compute infrastructure, a platform that would allow for greater flexibility and scalability than many other platforms. Enhanced firewalls will be provided by Fortinet’s FortiGate platform, which can further provide value-add security services such as web content filtering, application control, intrusion detection and prevention, and data leak prevention. For storage, TierPoint has chosen NetApp’s Cluster ONTAP storage solution, which provides industry recognized enterprise capabilities.

“Our hybrid cloud solutions combine the best of both worlds, with colocation and cloud augmenting each other, providing the ability to scale to need, while potentially eliminating underutilized or unnecessary IT resources,” added Weller.

With corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, TierPoint operates thirteen Tier III plus data centers in the states of Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.