TierPoint Unveils New, Managed Private Cloud with Dell

Data center services provider TierPoint has unveiled a new private cloud offering, developed in collaboration with Dell Technologies. Utilizing the features of Private Cloud Powered by VxRail, the brand-new TierPoint Managed Private Cloud on Dell APEX solution would provide value-added advantages including quicker provisioning and shorter subscription terms.

“Many CIOs are embracing hybrid cloud deployments because they know not all workloads are created equal. Some are best run in a private cloud environment, including those that require super-low latency, have stringent regulatory requirements, or have not been refactored for other cloud environments,” said Greg Ahlheim, Senior Vice President of Product Development at TierPoint. “Even as they embrace the value of private cloud in their infrastructure mix, these CIOs are looking for solutions that can be procured through more flexible subscription models, with accelerated installation and shorter subscription terms – all managed by a provider that offers exceptional, cloud-agnostic guidance, service and support across a diverse portfolio of world-class data centers on the network’s edge. TierPoint’s Managed Private Cloud on Dell APEX – the first of its kind – responds directly to this need.”

Dell Apex Private Cloud

Greg Ahlheim, SVP of Product Development at TierPoint
“CIOs are looking for solutions that can be procured through more flexible subscription models,” said Greg Ahlheim, SVP of Product Development at TierPoint.

Ahlheim also stated that TierPoint and Dell want to continue working together on other next-generation cloud solutions made possible by the Dell APEX portfolio.

APEX solutions would offer the agility and speed that clients need, together with the control, performance, security, and consistency they require – all packaged in the most straightforward manner.

Dell Apex Private Cloud is a cloud infrastructure solution that provides integrated computing, storage, and network resources with support for both conventional and cloud-native applications. Customers can use private cloud resources to manage business critical tasks, fro example when it comes to deploying virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or artificial intelligence (AI).

VxRail is Dell EMC’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offering. Instead of purchasing servers, storage, and a hypervisor individually, hyper-converged solutions allow for a data center in a box strategy. Appliances with hyper-convergence combine the parts – including storage, computing, and hypervisor components – into a single unit.