Time Series Data – estrazione, visualizzazione e analisi di titoli di borsa + Elastic Stack 7.7.0

Time Series Data: extraction, visualization and analysis of stock securities

What are the data defined as Time Series, understanding what they represent and how many different types they can meet among the myriad of information that the modern world makes available, is a fundamental ability for all those who want to make the most of information from information . From production decisions to understanding when it is appropriate or not to enter a certain type of business, or an investment, time series are indispensable tools from which even the smallest secrets can be gathered.

In this meet-up we will talk about a particular category of time series, the one dedicated to securities listed on the stock exchange. The analysis logic does not change but the type of information that can be extracted can and, in many cases, make us guess if a security is good or not in order to invest in it, or even just to understand if the company that represents it is stable in terms of market perception or if there are underlying problems that we need to be aware of. It is not our intention to teach you to interpret a title or give you magic rules to become millionaires in one night but, the main purpose of this presentation is to make you understand how this data can be extracted, imported into Kibana,

Elastic Stack 7.7.0 released!

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