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This time our editors provide you with a Top-10 list of the most interesting news items on dedicated server/bare metal projects and market trends.

New HPE GreenLake Cloud Services – For Bare Metal, VMs and Containers

Photo Keith White
HPE GreenLake Senior Vice President and General Manager Keith White said that the company continues to create new solutions for improving the cloud experience for clients.

HPE offers solutions for hybrid cloud management via its HPE GreenLake cloud services. As of now, HPE has a contract value of $4.5 billion, and the annualized run rate (ARR) of the product increased by 27%, which is a considerable figure. Quite some partners including managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and systems integrators (SIs) have already acknowledged GreenLake as a platform that helped in their digital modification.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently unveiled a number of updates regarding the HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio. The company is focusing on creating new partnerships by adding three new services to the HPE GreenLake cloud offering, including cloud services for bare metal, virtual machines and containers.

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Cyxtera Expands Its Bare Metal Service to Amsterdam and Frankfurt

Photo Randy Rowland, Chief Operating Officer (CTO) of Cyxtera
“Our Enterprise Bare Metal offering delivers access to digital infrastructure that meets stringent compliance and security requirements in a dynamic fashion,” said Randy Rowland, Chief Operating Officer (CTO) of Cyxtera.

Global data center colocation and interconnection services provider, Cyxtera, a company operating 61 data centers in 29 markets, has expanded the availability of its Enterprise Bare Metal service to its data center facilities in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal would offer the security, control, and performance of dedicated colocation infrastructure in an on-demand, subscription-based model.

Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal offering helps companies “seamlessly” extend their existing colocation infrastructure to create extensible hybrid environments. The company’s offering is also well suited for companies looking to rapidly extend their digital infrastructure into a new market while avoiding large capital expenditures, lengthy implementation cycles, or the necessity to add to local staff.

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Lumen Technologies Expands Bare Metal Capabilities, Adds Network Storage

Photo Chris McReynolds, VP, Edge Cloud Product Management, Lumen Technologies
“Lumen Network Storage along with Lumen Edge Bare Metal and our deep network reach gives customers the flexibility to process and store data in an ultra-low latency environment,” said Chris McReynolds, VP, Edge Cloud Product Management, Lumen Technologies.

Lumen Technologies, formerly known as CenturyLink, has added Lumen Network Storage to its bare metal offerings. The company’s bare metal customers can use Lumen Network Storage to add “secured, scalable, and fast” storage ‘at the edge’ where and when they need it.

With Lumen’s ‘Edge Bare Metal’, the company stated it can cover roughly 60% of U.S. enterprise locations within 5 milliseconds of latency, with 95% coverage planned by end of year.

Lumen Network Storage delivers ‘edge’ storage services as close to customer workloads as possible. This would make storing and transporting data to multiple locations, IT teams, and across multi-cloud environments “easy, fast, and efficient.”

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Executive Interview phoenixNAP President: “Bare Metal Cloud is the Underlying Layer for New Products”

Photo Ian McClarty, Preseident of phoenixNAP
Founded in 2009, phoenixNAP is an IaaS hosting provider with data center locations around the globe – each with full service OpEx offerings and staffed to meet customer needs. The company’s services include dedicated servers, colocation, bare metal cloud, private cloud, cybersecurity solutions, and more. Ian McClarty is the Preseident of phoenixNAP.

Unmanaged hosting services provider phoenixNAP launched its brand new bare metal cloud platform in 2020, while also launching vertical CPU scaling on its bare metal servers. talked to phoenixNAP President Ian McClarty about their bare metal cloud product launch, the impact of the pandemic, and the company’s expectations for 2021.

“Our new bare metal offering is quite unique considering the underlying technology and the delivery model,” said Ian McClarty. “We have been offering traditional bare metal servers for about a decade now, but we are always keeping pace with market developments and demands. Through our partnerships with technology industry leaders, we are able to offer access to latest generation hardware as soon as it is out. With Intel, for example, we have a long-standing relationship, and we are working closely with them to implement their most popular product lines into our offer.”

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Expert Blog: The concept of dedicated servers has not changed since the birth of the Internet.

Photo Danilo Danicic
Danilo Danicic is a Marketing Content Writer at phoenixNAP – a global IaaS provider offering colocation, bare metal servers, backup, and disaster recovery solutions. He enjoys exploring new technology trends and is passionate about using technology to solve everyday problems.

Although modern technologies have given rise to new server types, at the core of our digital world still sits the good old dedicated server. The only thing that has changed over the decades is how we deliver and consume dedicated server resources.

A perfect example of that change is the bare metal cloud server.

When talking about dedicated and bare metal cloud servers, it’s easy to get confused. The main source of ambiguity is the terminology used by various service providers. So, before going further, let’s precisely define dedicated servers, cloud servers, and bare metal cloud servers.

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Platform9 Unveils SaaS Managed Bare Metal Orchestration Platform

Photo Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and VP of Product of Platform9
“Historically, bare metal limitations have stymied cloud deployments,” said Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and VP of Product of Platform9.

Platform9, an open-source SaaS managed solutions provider for private and edge clouds, has unveiled a fully managed bare metal solution, Platform9 Managed Bare Metal. It will help IT teams transform their installed physical dedicated servers into bare metal clouds, leveraging the API-driven “automation and simplicity” of Platform9’s SaaS managed experience and bare metal controller.

“Historically, bare metal limitations have stymied cloud deployments,” said Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and VP of Product of Platform9. “Examples of inefficiencies include entire hypervisors consumed by single applications that demand 100% CPU/RAM, leaving the hypervisor as an impediment to performance as no viable physical server orchestration option exists. This results in hypervisors’ licenses being wasted and physical dedicated servers sitting idly waiting for the perfectly sized workload.”

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Video: Open Q&A with Intel: How to Leverage API-driven Bare Metal in a Public Cloud World

Infrastructure automation is rapidly gaining ground as one of the core needs of the modern IT. phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud addresses this need by enabling automated provisioning of high-performance dedicated servers.

Watch this video and learn about the advances in IT automation technology and available solutions to simplify platform provisioning and management. The speakers will also discuss the ways you can leverage Bare Metal Cloud to meet your performance goal, with an overview of its features, integrations, and use cases.

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Latest RackN Digital Rebar Release Introduces Resource Pooling for Bare Metal

Photo Rob Hirschfeld, co-founder and CEO of RackN
“Fortune 500 companies are choosing RackN Digital Rebar Platform as the foundation for their next generation infrastructure designs, and this version of RackN moves closer to delivering the vision of a completely self-managed, autonomous and continuously integrated data center,” said Rob Hirschfeld, co-founder and CEO of RackN.

Data center control plane provider, RackN, from Austin, Texas, has released RackN Digital Rebar Platform version 4.4. The new release includes two new customer-driven features with cloud-like functionality. Firstly, resource pooling which would simplify bare metal consumption APIs. Secondly, secure boot which is the last link in an end-to-end security automation chain.

“Fortune 500 companies are choosing RackN Digital Rebar Platform as the foundation for their next generation infrastructure designs, and this version of RackN moves closer to delivering the vision of a completely self-managed, autonomous and continuously integrated data center,” said Rob Hirschfeld, co-founder and CEO of RackN. “Our Infrastructure as Code offering automates service chaining to enable control and security throughout the entire management process – implementing a control plane for heterogeneous infrastructure creating full control and deep economic gains.”

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IBM Cloud Powers Bare Metal Servers with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC Processors

Photo Satinder Sethi, GM, IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services
“With these new AMD processors, we can offer IBM Cloud clients greater choice and flexibility to select the platform that is best suited to meet the needs of today’s most demanding workloads,” said Satinder Sethi, GM, IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services.

IBM Cloud has adopted 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors to power its latest bare metal servers. With the addition of the AMD EPYC 7642 processor to its cloud portfolio, IBM is engineered to deliver increased computing performance in its bare metal offerings.

Available now, these new bare metal servers are the first 2nd Gen AMD EPYC based offering from IBM Cloud and are focused on the computing power and performance required to accelerate modern workloads like data analytics, electronic design automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtualized and containerized workloads.

“We are thrilled to launch new IBM Cloud offerings powered by the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs,” said Satinder Sethi, GM, IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services. “With these new processors, we can offer IBM Cloud clients greater choice and flexibility to select the platform that is best suited to meet the needs of today’s most demanding workloads. We look forward to continuing to deliver new innovations and value to our clients in the future.”

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Data Protection Companies Arcserve and StorageCraft to Merge

Data and ransomware protection provider Arcserve has signed a definitive agreement with StorageCraft to merge. Following the merger, StorageCraft will be branded ‘StorageCraft, an Arcserve Company.’ The merged company will be united under the leadership of CEO Tom Signorello, the current CEO of Arcserve, and President Douglas Brockett, the current president of StorageCraft.

Once completed, the merger of the two “highly complementary” companies will form a comprehensive global provider of data management and data protection solutions for organizations spanning from SMBs to the Fortune 50. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Equinix Enters Cloud Hosting Market, Buys Bare Metal Company Packet

Global colocation data center provider Equinix has now entered the cloud hosting market with its services by acquiring leading bare metal services provider, Packet. The acquisition extends Equinix’s colocation services to include bare metal services. It is intended to accelerate Equinix’s strategy to help enterprises more seamlessly deploy hybrid multi-cloud architectures on Platform Equinix. Financial terms of this acquisition were not disclosed.

Packet‘s proprietary technology automates physical servers and networks without the use of virtualization or multitenancy. By combining Packet’s developer-oriented bare metal service offering with Equinix’s interconnection capabilities, Equinix intends to create an enterprise-grade bare metal offering across Platform Equinix that allows customers to rapidly deploy hybrid cloud solutions, within minutes, at global scale.

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