Top 10 CE Questions (Part 1) – Take5

Google Cloud Next is the best chance to unlock new opportunities for your business, uplevel your skills, and uncover what’s next for Cloud. With all this talk about Google Cloud, join our Customer Engineers as we talk about what makes Google Cloud special and start answering our top 10 questions!

1) 0:15 – What is a Customer Engineer?

2) 1:00 – If I want to run my application on GCP how do I choose which product to use?
• Compute →
• Kubernetes →
• App Engine →
• Functions →

3) 2:22 – How do I decide where to store my data?
• Storage Options →

4) 3:32 – What’s the best way to get started with ML?
• ML →
• AutoML →
• ML Engine →
• Blog →

5) 5:14 – If my business is running on GCP, does Gogole analyze the data I’ve stored in the Cloud?
• Data Privacy →

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