Top-10 Container Technology Market Trends and Developments

Every week, the editorial staff publishes a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. This week our editors provide you with a Top-10 list of the most interesting news items on container technology market trends and developments.


Every week, the editorial staff publishes a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. The editor’s picks are being marked as #HJPICKS on our social media channels. This week our editors provide you with a Top-10 list of the most interesting news items on container technology market trends and developments.

Global Survey: Containers, Serverless Architecture Gain Developer Interest (infographic)

Postman-CEO-Founder-AbhinavOctober 2018 – While microservices remain the most exciting technology for API developers, the rise of containers and serverless architecture have emerged as the new favorites for the API developer community. This is the outcome of a worldwide annual survey among nearly 5 million worldwide members of the Postman community. As an API development environment, Postman is used by nearly five million developers and more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Read further.

“This year’s survey data reveals a diverse area of focus for the API development workforce. The data will help technical leads analyze and identify current norms within their technologies and where development teams need to focus their time and energy, and guide executives with their evaluation of the talent and tools needed to support upcoming deliverables,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman.

Cloud Native Storage Company Portworx Expands Container Data Management Options for AWS


August 2018 – Portworx, a cloud-native storage company managing enterprise data in containers, has announced that Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) has integrated with Portworx’s flagship product PX-Enterprise, enabling “mission critical” stateful workloads to run in Docker containers with dynamic provisioning, cross-Availability Zone “high availability”, application consistent snapshots, auto-scaling and encryption functionality. Read further.

“Enterprise container adoption is skyrocketing as companies recognize the value that container technologies provide on the path to digital transformation. Amazon Web Services integration with Portworx for both EKS and now ECS is evidence of a sea change happening in the industry: enterprises running on Amazon need flexible cloud-native storage solutions that play well containers. By giving enterprises these two options for container data management, we’re radically simplifying operations of containerized stateful services running on Amazon,” said Murli Thirumale, co-founder and CEO of Portworx.

What’s new in Azure Container Instances?

July 2018 – VIDEO – Azure Friday visited various Microsoft booths in the Expo Hall at Build 2018 to learn what’s new. In this episode, Lara Rubbelke gets an update on Azure Container Instances from Justin Luk. Watch the VIDEO INTERVIEW here.

New StackRox Container Security Platform Designed to Foster Collaboration Between Security and DevOps

StackRox-Wei-Lien-DangJuly 2018 – StackRox, a provider of security solutions for containerized, cloud-native applications, has released a new version of its Container Security Platform. The StackRox Container Security Platform’s integrated approach would streamline decision-making and foster collaboration between security and DevOps. Read further.

“Because our platform has a feedback loop that ties together capabilities across different phases of the container life cycle – as opposed to providing functionality on a standalone basis – it provides customers with an unmatched level of security against emerging container-based threats. It eliminates entire workflows that security operators would typically have to go through,” said Wei Lien Dang, Vice President of Product, StackRox.

DigitalOcean Unveils Kubernetes Product for Running Containerized Applications in the Cloud

digitalocean_shiven_ramji_environmental_indoor-0041 2May 2018 – DigitalOcean, a global cloud platform for developers and their teams, has announced its DigitalOcean Kubernetes product – an ‘easy’ way to run containerized applications in the cloud. Designed for developers and businesses who want “a simple way” to deploy and manage container workloads, DigitalOcean Kubernetes would remove the headache involved in setting up, managing and securing Kubernetes clusters. Read further.

“Over the last year, Kubernetes has emerged as the container orchestration platform of choice, and as one of the leading public clouds, investing in supporting our customers’ adoption of containers was a natural evolution to our roadmap. We’ve always been devoted to providing simple solutions for developers – starting with our cloud servers, Droplets. This product is no exception, allowing developers to focus on successfully shipping their applications while not being burdened by the complexity involved with creating and running a highly scalable and secure cluster across multiple apps,” said Shiven Ramji, Vice President of Product, DigitalOcean.

Exploring Container Security: detect and manage an attack

May 2018 – VIDEO – As a user, you’ll now be able to manage security alerts for clusters in Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC), a central place on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to unify, analyze and view security data across an organization. Further, even though Google just announced Cloud SCC a little while ago, several container security companies have integrated their tools with Cloud SCC to help users better secure the containers they’re running on Google Kubernetes Engine. Watch this VIDEO here.

Robin Cloud Platform First and Only Container Solution Certified to Run Hortonworks Data Platform

Hortonworks-Scott-AndressApril 2018 – Robin Cloud Platform, a solution delivered by Robin Systems – a Silicon Valley based company founded in 2013 that has raised more than $27 million in venture funding from leading investors, is the first and only platform that has been certified to run the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) solution. Read further.

“Hortonworks recognizes the multiple benefits of Docker container technologies when compared to virtual machines and how Robin Cloud Platform best enables the use of Containers for complex data-heavy pipelines. Since Robin was the first Container solution to be tested for HDP certification, we dedicated our own QA team to put Robin Cloud Platform’s HDP support through a rigorous suite of tests across all components and aspects of our platform. Hortonworks is excited about this collaboration and looks forward to working with Hortonworks support subscribers who choose the Robin Cloud Platform for their HDP deployment,” said Scott Andress, Vice President, Global Channels & Alliances, Hortonworks. 

NeuVector’s Run-Time Container Security Solution Now Available for IBM Cloud

March 2018 – NeuVector, a provider of Kubernetes security delivering a multi-vector container firewall, has announced that its run-time container security solution is now available for IBM Cloud. NeuVector’s solution integrates with IBM Cloud Container Service and would provide IBM Cloud customers with “the confidence” to deploy Kubernetes workloads in production. Read further.

“DevOps and containers are an increasingly important strategy for enterprises to more easily develop and release software. IBM Cloud combines Docker and Kubernetes to provide powerful tools and services – including cognitive capabilities from IBM Watson – into a platform that promotes rapid application delivery. Our partnership with IBM Cloud now automates Kubernetes platform security with NeuVector’s multi-vector container firewall capabilities to ensure production applications are secure,” said Fei Huang, CEO of NeuVector.

Cisco Unveils Container Platform for Multi-Cloud Environments

Google-Eyal-ManorFebruary 2018 – Cisco has announced its Container Platform, a “turnkey, open, and production-grade” software container platform to address customers’ “growing” need to have applications seamlessly run the same way on-premises and in public cloud environments. Read further.

“As the adoption of Kubernetes has exploded, container orchestration and management have become of paramount importance to customers because they enable application portability and consistency across on-premises and cloud-based environments. Cisco Container Platform is optimized in collaboration with Google Cloud to deliver a next-generation open hybrid cloud architecture, and represents an important milestone for our integrated Google and Cisco hybrid cloud solution coming later this year,” said Eyal Manor, Vice President, Engineering, Google.

Containership Announces Public Beta Release of Its Cloud and Edge Computing Platform, Overlaycloud

January 2018 – Containership, a provider of containers at scale across any cloud or server, founded in 2015 and backed by Draper Triangle Ventures, Birchmere Investments, and Riverfront Ventures, has unveiled the public beta release of Overlaycloud. The new service is currently still invite only, but interested parties can sign up to gain first access to the “low cost” cloud and edge computing platform beginning today. Read further.

“With the rise in popularity of Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality devices in our homes and workplaces, being able to process data close to the edge is becoming an important requirement for software companies. The Cloud is great for processing mountains of data but does not lend well to situations where extremely low latency connectivity is a hard requirement. With Overlaycloud, we are partnering with web hosting providers and data centers to help monetize their idle capacity, and provide extremely low-cost VPS style hosting in very unique regions around the globe,” said Phil Dougherty, CEO of Overlaycloud.

Every week, the editorial staff publishes a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. The editor’s picks are being marked as #HJPICKS on our social media channels.